Users Notifications: Migration of the old Redmine system to a new setup

Added by Stefan Daume about 4 years ago

By way of this issue we would like to notify all users of the current local NRM DINA issue tracking system - previously accessible via - that we are now migrating to a new setup.

The new system is already accessible under All content in the old Redmine system has been migrated to this new system. Please do NOT continue to use the old system anymore! It will be taken offline shortly. Please notify us if this presents a problem for you.

The main changes introduced with the new setup are:
* using the latest version of Redmine
* secure access via HTTPS
* integration of an Agile plugin to support interactive planning via planning boards
* alternative Redmine themes

We will integrate additional functionality in the coming weeks and will notify you if it affects the usage of the service.

The DINA Team


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